Our Super Hero Bartender!

For your cocktail, we forget the waiters planted straight as stakes behind their buffet! A performance as spectacular as delicious, does it tempts you? Today Mr. Cocktail Gaetan (our super hero barman!) Answers our questions to learn more about his universe. And "Because great powers involve great responsibilities", it will make your Cocktail a great time for you and your guests!Continue reading Our Super Hero Bartender!

Being a man in a women’s world!

Being a man in a universe that many think exclusively feminine: that's the challenge I have launched! A few months ago, a bride contact us for a discover appointment at her home in order to present our services. She was surprised to see two men arrive for the appointment and made it clear to us from the beginning of the appointment. When it came time for us to take leave, she concluded: "I was surprised that you are men because I think it was a world reserved for women, but you opened my eyes: men too know how to talk about love! " [caption id="attachment_879" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Photo Credit : Karoline Camlay[/caption] Continue reading Being a man in a women’s world!

Photo groups: a necessity!

On the day of your wedding, the time that passes (too fast!) Is often one of the most important factors. The journeys between the different places, manage your guests who "don't hurry" (well they want to enjoy too!), and the small back-time that make the "stress timing" rise at high speed! That's why your photographer always asks you to prepare the different groups you want to capture in photos (and your wedding planner will encourage you in this too!)Continue reading Photo groups: a necessity!