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We can’t control feelings!


Whether born of a long friendship in which you’ve got to know you and love you … a “thunderbolt” at the first look at a street corner or a simple click on canvas … we do not choose to fall in love!

You have a deep feeling for each other, a unique feeling: Love!

He lead you to decide to unite your lives on the same path: that of Marriage!

If you think we can guarantee your serenity, your anti-stress, support for the organization and coordination of your wedding is a success in every way, and your Engagement Ceremony become one of the largest memory of your couple life …

An email, a message, a call, an appointment in the flesh over coffee or Skype … by all there!

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Alexs Créa Wedding Planner

83130 La Garde (France)



Alex A : +336 738 722 25

Alex M : +336 781 558 87

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