D-Day Coordination

Wedding Planner Var - Alexs Créa Wedding Planner

You have all chosen for your dream?
Thanks to this Dream Day, Let us bring peace and carelessness he deserves …
Preparing married, through the reception of guests and harmonization of providers, we propose to take it all in hand to allow you to focus on the essential: your Love Before D-Day we will! propose appointments, to best establish your schedule, together with your providers.



The D-day we carry of:

  • From setting up your decorations at your reception.
  • Harmonization of your service providers to optimize their working conditions.
  • Managing the success of your celebrations.
  • From the reception of your guests on the different places of your dream.
  • To be your “anti-stress” staff accompanying you throughout the day.

Let us accompany your Dream …

Formula “Journée de Rêve”: 1 260$ USD

Formula “Comme dans un Rêve”: 1 680$ USD
(Formula “Dream Day” + Formula “Dream Tale”)