Engagement ceremony

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You want a ceremony which looks like you?


The laic ceremony is the possibility of having the ceremony which looks like you. It is a fingerprint of your values, your desires, your vision of the wedding with your own words.

From the discussions we’ll have together, during the organization of your marriage, your life for both of you and about yourselves, we suggest writing you the ceremony which looks like you, with your values, your symbols and mostly your Love.

Your ceremony will be accompanied by the intervention of close friends, whom we will ask to talk about you, to guarantee this so special link you have between each other.

We will suggest you choosing rites in your image, or creating them with us, to symbolize your union.

The ceremony will end by the reading of your commitment wishes to each other in front of your close friends and your families, it will be the moment to express your feelings in the simplest shape : Your words !

Live a moment of emotion with your close friends, a moment unique as you are, and a precious moment for your souvenirs.


Let us tell your Dream …

Formula “Mots de Rêve”: 890$ USD
Meeting of preparation and writing of your ceremony

Formula “Conte de Rêve”: 890$ USD
Formula “Mot de Rêve” + Arch, carpet of ceremony and decoration of the path

Formula “Comme dans un Rêve”: 1 680$ USD
Formula “Conte de Rêve” + Formula “Journée de Rêve”