Alex A

Wedding Planner Var - Alexs Créa Wedding Planner

I introduce myself, I’m Alex A, Wedding Planner and Officiant Engagement Ceremony.


I’m kind of jovial, always positive (with me, no problem, there is always a solution!).
I love life, love and I’ll be happy to participate in the happiest event in your life: your wedding.
Sensitive, I love that feelings be honored, I will pour certainly my tear for your wedding!
I do not care the eyes of others, I like not to do as everyone (do what is expected of you, it is not doing what you want, you!).
I’m listening to your preferences, your doubts, your joys and your sorrows.
I know morale as much as the straps if necessary.
Harsh, I know, throughout the preparations for your wedding, anticipate every aspect of organizing your day pretty (is not this be Wedding Planner?).


Planning a wedding is highlight married with their values, feelings and desires …
I love above all that we can feel the bond between you!


It’s your wedding, your day, your dream


For me, the Engagement Ceremony is a highlight for a wedding. It symbolizes your love, your marriage and all that unites you.

What is more beautiful than to be able to unite in a frame to your heart! A beach and a park outside your reception room, surrounded by your closest friends and. You will be able to share this magic moment and out of time with those you love!
Officiating your commitment ceremony, I mean you, your projects, your values and especially your love … Thanks to your story, you told me and anecdotes that characterize you.
With speakers you designated (or not), they show you all the love that you bear. Through the memories, poems or texts of their wines, which will certainly not fail to make you shed a few tears of joy!


To show the whole world that you “found” and that you love!


My ideal Nice Day is a love marriage where we laugh, we cry, we dream, and especially we think only of themselves and the loved one, to be with us long, the time of life.
Whether you are two men, two women, a man and a woman, the most beautiful of all, these are the feelings, true.
True love is lived, dream, feel and cry over the rooftops of the World without shame, without fear or embarrassment.

And you, what is your Dream?