Alex M

Wedding Planner Var - Alexs Créa Wedding Planner

I’m Alex M, Wedding Planner and  Officiating Engagement Ceremony.


Under my serious, I hide an artistic soul.
Being Wedding Planner has become a way for me to express my creativity, and celebrate love and life that are so dear to my heart.
I like to think outside the box and take my love away in the vision of their Nice Day.
My outspoken me go straight to the point in the advice I give to my married.


I create for my married on Nice Day they always dreamed of.


I am also the “pen” of our agency.
My love of beautiful words helps me write your Engagement Ceremonies.
I like to translate your feelings in a text that looks like you, closer to your values and your beliefs. I want this moment to be engraved in your memory and heart of those persons who will accompany you in your dream.
It is I who wrote the articles on the blog (but if you follow us regularly you already know!)


Always present (In times of stress such as intense moments of Joy !) and listen to my married, I shall be a major asset for the coordination of your wedding where stress and annoyance are proscribe: only feelings will honeymoon !
To the question of the ideal marriage, I will answer you by asking you what is yours, because for me every wedding is perfect in the eyes of the Bride who have Dreamed.


Stop imagining your wedding: live it!


But if I were in a dream, this is an unusual wedding where the desires and madness are expressed, where Love is lived every moment, where we toasted to the fullest life by focusing on the most important: you two!

And you, what is your Dream?